Our sponsors and supporters are friends of Enchanting Animals who believe in our mission to rescue, educate and entertain. They have supported us with professional advice, use of their skills to help us get started, and encouragement. Thank your for helping us to save lives and grow minds!

Thank You for Your Support!

Supply Wish List

We sincerely appreciate the help we receive from our supporters and always have a need for items to help us care for and train the animals. If you're interested in making a donation please visit our Amazon page or view our wish list displayed below.


Kitten Formula (dry powder)
Dry cat or dog food
Canned cat or dog food
Vegetables, fruit
Frontline plus
Timothy hay


Plastic balls
Toys for cats
Bird Toys


Ziplock bags
Trash bags
Paper towels
Fragrance-free laundry detergent
Tupperware containers
A chest freezer
Sheets & Pillowcases


Plastic animal carriers/crates
Small animal bedding
Small animal cages or play pens
Fleece blankets
Cat or Dog Beds, washable

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