TV and Film Production

TV and Film Production

Production and Photography
Our Experienced Trainers and studio-ready animals are conveniently located to service both the Chicago and Indianapolis market. Our production trainer has over 13 years of experience and fully understands the unique requirements and nuances of the film and television industry as well as on-set etiquette. We are committed to providing you with excellence.

With our positive-reinforcement training methods & respectful bond with our animals we get the results you want in away we can feel proud of. You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that by hiring us, you are also helping us to continue to rescue and rehabilitate animals. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest safety standards and providing the best animal care and training.

Whether your project is a network show, documentary, feature film or a modeling shoot, we have the skills and resources to make it a huge success. Contact us.
If you are interested in a photography session for green screen, personal portfolio or other uses, we are happy to work with your photographer or recommend one of our partners.

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