Educational Programs

Developed within the multi-state, Department of Education Common Core standards, and Next Generation Science Standards, our curricula-aligned animal outreach programs celebrate human-animal cultural connections through science, music, the arts, religion, agriculture, social and emotional learning, and other contexts.

Tailored to Your Needs
These programs are tailored to the specific wants and needs of organizations such as: schools, day camps, libraries, after-school groups, home school co-ops, camps, scout groups, VBS, retirement homes, hospitals, animal therapies, and more!

Lesson Plans
All education programs include an optional free grade-level lesson plan that focuses learning, encourages critical thinking, and provides enrichment and extension activities to reinforce the knowledge gained during our presentations.

Promote Conservation
Our intent is to promote conservation of wildlife and the environment through hands-on experience as a part of immersive learning. We believe that forming a connection with animals in this way inspires compassion and a feeling of connection. The formation of a positive, tactile, emotional connection with animals in an educational setting is a powerful way to foster an understanding and appreciation of nature and a love of wildlife.

We also aim to inspire responsible pet ownership and teach about our animals, both as individuals as well as their wild counterparts.

Perfect Solution for Budget Concerns
With schools all over the country facing budget concerns, Enchanting Animals provides the perfect solution. We provide a safe, fun, customizable learning opportunity at a fraction of the cost of an off-site field trip!

Educational Packages Available

Plan a educational event the children will remember forever!

Single Classroom Rate - 1 Hour

$175 / Hour
  • 5 - 6 Animals
  • All Grade Levels
  • Lesson Plan Available
  • Multiple Classrooms
  • Add $100 per each additional 1 hour program. Up to 4 programs per day

Single Classroom Rate - 90 Min

$225 / 90 Minutes
  • 8 - 9 Animals
  • All Grade Levels
  • Lesson Plan Available
  • Multiple Classrooms
  • Add $125 per each additional 90 minute program. Up to 4 programs per day

School Assemblies or Large Groups

$400 / approximately 45 min
  • Groups 50 or more
  • Auditorium or Festival
  • Longer Presentations Available as Static
  • Animal Painting
  • Our animals love to show off and they never disappoint!

More Information

School Assemblies or Large Groups:
This option is perfect for groups of 50 or more participants. Large group presentations generally last 45 minutes at a rate of $400, longer presentations can be arranged as can static displays. This can be offered as an assembly presentation in an auditorium or a even a festival show. These presentations give our animals an opportunity to show off, they never disappoint!

Please be advised that a $1 per mile (one way) travel cost will be applied. To calculate mileage, you can enter 46913 into google maps and calculate the miles from your address. This is half the cost that other companies charge. If others in your area are interested in booking a program with us on the same day you will receive $25 off your program cost for referring them, and mileage can be shared between your program and theirs!

For an additional $50 we can provide an animal painting session added to any package. We provide all materials and clean up the mess, but your guests will have a piece of original art to remember the occasion. Other animal-friendly add ons include: animal themed activities, games, and crafts.

Professional Development for Educators

$175 for a 1 hour presentation with 5-6 animals or $225 for a 90 minute presentation with 8-9 animals.

Whether you plan on booking one of our programs or simply for your own enrichment, our professional development opportunities are designed to assist you in preparing your students to get the most out of our presentations, while increasing your own knowledge and skills.

You will receive information about all of our animals, their wild counterparts, where and how they live, as well as the environmental pressures they face.

We understand that educators like to have fun, as much as their students do, so we will make sure you have a chance to get up close and personal with our animal ambassadors.

Our professional development activities will include time for collaborative conversations around the learning standards associated with specific programs/presentations, and the opportunity to enhance instruction through cooperative lesson planning with your colleagues and our professionals.

While our professional development activities are designed with educators in mind, you do not need to be a teacher to benefit from participating.