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Simba is a Red Tailed Boa

Boa Constrictors

Common Name: Boa Constrictors

Fun Attribute: We give birth to live young.

Favorite Foods: Carnivore: rodents, birds, iguanas, and monkeys

Status: Not Endangered

Activity Pattern: Nocturnal

Life Span: 20 years in the wild. Up to 40 in captivity

Habitat: Woodlands & tropical rainforests

Native Region: South & Central America

Columbia of South America

Snake in the GrassSimbi is a red-tailed boa constrictor. This lovely lady is 7’ long and may not be done growing yet! Red-tailed boas are from Columbia. Snakes and other reptiles lack the ability to thermoregulate (control their body temperature) the way mammals can, so maintaining their ambient temperature is important. Snakes shed a layer of their skin every month, even the part that covers their eyes. Although people sometimes find them to be scary, snakes are a critical part of the ecosystem – they eat rodents that destroy crops and can spread disease.

Simbi is the first rescue that Enchanting Animals took in! She came to us from a friend-of-a-friend who had offered to care for her whilst Simbi’s owner was in a drug rehabilitation program. Once her owner completed the program, he informed her that he couldn’t take Simbi back. Simbi’s caretaker agreed to help find her a new home. Since Simbi is quite large, she was not a good pet for an inexperienced owner. Her caretaker asked us to take her in, knowing that we had the experience and resources to provide her with an amazing life.

Today, Simbi is ready to be an ambassador for snakes everywhere. She helps teach people about what makes snakes so cool and so vital to our ecosystem. For the braver of you out there, Simbi can be pet during programs.

Fun Facts About Boa Constrictors


Boa Constrictors weigh up to 50 lbs.

That's about the same as $200 of quarters!

Height or Length

Boa Constrictors are approximately 10' long.

That's about the height of a basketball hoop.


Boa Constrictors are brown and grey with a red tail

Blends in with the surrounding foliage.

Interesting Facts

Boa constrictors can climb trees.

Can forage for food while in trees