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Rowan the Wolf Dog

Grey Wolf Hybrids

Common Name: Grey Wolf Hybrids

Fun Attribute: We can howl!

Favorite Foods: Carnivore

Status: Endangered

Activity Pattern: Crepuscular or Most active during the Twilight Hours.

Life Span: 3-5 years in the wild, up to 16 in captivity.

Habitat: Forests, tundra and plains.

Native Region: Eurasia and North America

North America World Map

Wold Dog RowanRowan is a high-content wolf dog. This means he is mostly wolf, with some dog mixed in. At one time Gray wolves were found across most of North America. Sadly, they are now extinct or highly endangered in most of the U.S.. Grey wolves live in families called packs. Packs work together to raise the young, hunt and defend territory. They are highly intelligent animals with complex social structures. Historically, wolves were portrayed as villains, but thankfully times have changed and through better understanding they have become a much-loved symbol of the wild.

Rowan was born at a privately-owned zoo where our founder used to work. She was his puppy mom; raising, imprinting, and socializing him from when he was only a couple of weeks old. She was even present at the den during his birth. Needless to say, they were attached from the start. When his original placement fell through, she jumped at the opportunity to continue their bond, bringing him with her to Enchanting Animals.

This amazing animal is calm, friendly, and eager to make new friends. He has a submissive nature, often inviting people to rub his belly. His training and socialization began at birth and is an everyday part of his life, critical elements in helping him grow into the ambassador he is today. Rowan is calm on rides in the vehicle, and is not nervous of new people or surroundings – this makes him perfect for the work we do. Although Rowan does have some dog DNA, as an ambassador, his role is to teach about wolves, their natural habitats, and to give you the opportunity to make a wild connection.

Fun Facts About Grey Wolf Hybrids


Wold Dogs weight 70-120 lbs.

Pretty darn big!

Height or Length

Wolf Dogs are 2'-6" to 2'-8" at the shoulder.

Almost as tall as a yardstick!


Wolf Dogs are white, grey, tan and/or black.

Blends with grey or tan

Interesting Facts

Wolf Dogs live in families called packs.

We are a keystone species - we balance our ecosystem