Prince and Sydney

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White Tree From

White's Tree Frogs

Common Name: White's Tree Frogs

Fun Attribute: We have super sticky feet!

Favorite Foods: Insectovore- loves moths and roaches.

Status: Not Endangered

Activity Pattern: Varies, can be active during day or night.

Life Span: Up to 16 years in captivity.

Habitat: Arboreal - we live in the trees.

Native Region: Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea.

Map of Australia New Zealand New Guinea

Prince and Sydney are White Tree FrogsPrince and Sydney are White’s Tree frogs, they are native to Australia and New Guinea. In the wild, these frogs eat mostly spiders, grasshoppers and other insects, but will also eat other types of frogs. They can live up to 20 years in captivity. They are nocturnal, and like to call at night. They have sticky feet that allow them to climb up into the trees. They are not very active animals, and can be very tame if they get practice at being handled.

Fun Facts About White's Tree Frogs


White's tree frogs weigh up to 14 oz.

Weights about the same as a can of soda pop.

Height or Length

White's tree frogs are approximately 4" long.

Shorter than an iPhone.


White's tree frogs are green, blue or grey.

Blends in with leaves.

Interesting Facts

My nickname is the "smiling frog."

The White's tree frog screams when it is in danger to scare off its foe, and squeaks when it is touched.