Glass Lizard


Erised is a Glass Lizard. Glass lizards are also referred to as legless lizards (for obvious reasons). The glass lizard is a carnivore or meat eater. They eat insects, rodents, frogs, lizards and eggs. The glass lizard has no legs, but it does have some features that make it distinguishable…

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Ambassador Jeremiah the Bull Frog


Jeremiah is a Bullfrog – an African one that is! Pixie frogs are sometimes referred to as African Bullfrogs due to their large size. They can get up to 10 inches long and weigh up to 4 pounds! They are the largest amphibian in Southern Africa, and the second largest…

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Leopard Gecko


Jinni is a Leopard Gecko. Leopard geckos get their name from the leopard-like spots that cover the backs of adult leopard geckos.They are indigenous to the Middle East and parts of Northern India. The most notable trait of leopard geckos is their unusually gentle disposition.Leopard geckos have a tail that…

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Ambassador Vlad the Russian Tortoise


Vlad is a Russian Tortoise. Russian tortoises are a threatened species. They have an amazing tolerance for temperature extremes. Their defense mechanism is to burrow and hibernate through cold weather. They can live up to 100 years! Russian tortoises’ calm, docile disposition makes them a favorite at any event. These…

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