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Ambassador Kismit is our African Hedgehog

African Hedgehogs

Common Name: African Hedgehogs

Fun Attribute: I like meeting new friends

Favorite Foods: Loves yummy insects!

Status: Concerned

Activity Pattern: Nocturnal

Life Span: Coming Soon.

Habitat: Hides out in various nooks and crannies

Native Region: Africa

Map of Africa Where African Hedgehogs Can Be Found

Kismet the African Pigmy HedgehogKismet is an African Pygmy hedgehog, also called a four-toed hedgehog. In the wild these little animals eat a diet of mostly insects. They are nocturnal and solitary. This type of hedgehog is native to Africa, however there are related species in Europe as well. In Britain they are called “hedgepigs”. Contrary to common belief they cannot shoot their quills.

We found Kismet when she belonged to a lady in a state where hedgehogs are not legal as pets. When we picked her up she was living in a plastic Tupperware tote the size of a shoebox with nowhere to hide, little room to move, and no toys or wheel for exercise and enrichment. Kismet was very shy and fearful of people. Before coming to us she had little to no socialization, and would roll into a protective ball and huff when she was approached. Poor Kismet was obese, as she had no way to move around. Obesity is a serious medical issue for hedgies.

What Kismet needed was time and patience in which to heal, and this we gave to her in abundance. We moved her into a large enclosure with toys, a wheel, and several hiding places and beds. We limited socialization to the evening when she was awake and most active. We tried out new foods to see what she liked, and slowly helped her to learn to trust us.

Over time, Kismet has become an excellent animal ambassador. She is calm and inquisitive and enjoys meeting people. Kismet means fate, and that’s how she got her name. We believe that it was fate that she came to us. She is an excellent example of the wonderful successes that can happen with rescue!

Fun Facts About African Hedgehogs


African Hedgehogs weigh 1/2 to 1.25 lbs.

A little more than an iPhone 8

Height or Length

African hedgehogs are approximately 5" to 8" long

Similar to a Guinea Pig


African Hedgehog colors are white and gray

Reminds of salt and pepper

Interesting Facts

African Hedgehogs haven't changed much in over 15 million years!

We have some immunities to snake venom and poisons.