Bali and Sulawesi

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Typical Tokay Gecko

Tokay Geckos

Common Name: Tokay Geckos

Fun Attribute: We bark our name!

Favorite Foods: Insectavore: Loves bugs!

Status: Threatened

Activity Pattern: Nocternal

Life Span: 8 - 10 Years.

Habitat: Rain Forest

Native Region: Asia and some Pacific Islands

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Tokay GeckoBali and Sulawesi are Tokay Geckos. These charming little lizards can be found in Asia and some of the Pacific Islands. They get their names from two of the Indonesian islands they call home.

Tokays have amazing qualities. They can bark to defend their territory or call to a mate, they have fascinating feet that let them climb glass, and they can even change color. This type of lizard lives in the trees of the rainforest. Tokays are culturally significant in many Eastern countries, some traditions believe they have magical powers, medicinal qualities, or even that they are descended from dragons! Due to hunting and poaching in their native lands, this gecko’s existence in the wild is under threat.

Fun Facts About Tokay Geckos


Tokay Geckos weigh approximately 11.5 oz.

Heavier than a small stuffed animal.

Height or Length

Tokay Geckos are 15" Long.

Nearly as long as a legal size sheet of paper.


Tokay Geckos are grey, orange, blue, green and brown.

Blends in with leaves.

Interesting Facts

Tokay Geckos can walk up glass!

Regional folklore in Asia believed we were descended from dragons.