Apu and Inti

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Our Chinchilla Ambassadors, Apu and Inti


Common Name: Chinchillas

Fun Attribute: We can jump up to 6'

Favorite Foods: Pizza...hehe

Status: Endangered

Activity Pattern: Nocturnal?

Life Span: 10 - 12 years

Habitat: Hills and Mountains

Native Region: Andes Mountains of South America

Parts of South America

Chinchilla's Api and Inti Celebrating Birthday PartyApu and Inti are chinchillas. They got their names from the native language of their natural habitat. Chinchillas are native to the Andes Mountain region of South America. Originally the chinchilla’s native range spread across the hills, mountains, and coastal regions of Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. Chinchillas are now listed as endangered in the wild, and thought to be extinct in several of these countries. Chinchillas are known for having the softest fur in the world, you will love discovering first-hand how incredible it feels! Chinchillas don’t bathe in water, they take dust baths in volcanic ash dust. They need to have wood to chew on because their teeth never stop growing. Chinchillas use their whiskers to help them navigate in the dark.

Apu and Inti came to us from a wonderful couple who had rescued and were fostering them. Their foster parents were moving across country and had been trying for some time to find them a great home where they could stay together. Before going to their foster home, these guys had it pretty rough but their foster home did an amazing job of getting them healthy and happy.

We were delighted to welcome these two clowns to the family. Because of the great work done by their foster family, these boys were among our first ambassadors to do meet and greets with the public. These friendly, outgoing boys are a joy to meet. They love taking treats, being held, and can even show off their amazing balance by sitting on your head.

Fun Facts About Chinchillas


Chinchilla's weigh approximately 5 lbs

Lighter than a gallon of milk.

Height or Length

Chinchilla's stand about 12" Tall.

Taller than a shoe.


Chinchilla's are Tan and Gray.

They blend with surroundings.

Interesting Facts

Chinchillas have the softest fur ever!

Chew on wood because their teeth never stop growing.