Captain Scallywag

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Amazon Parrot

Orange-Winged Amazon Parrots

Common Name: Orange-Winged Amazon Parrots

Fun Attribute: We can talk!

Favorite Foods: Herbivore- fruits, seeds and nuts

Status: Not Endangered

Activity Pattern: Diurnal

Life Span: 50 to 60 years

Habitat: Tropical Forest

Native Region: South America, from Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago south to Peru, Bolivia and central Brazil

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Ambassador Amazon ParrotCaptain Scallywag
When Captain Scallywag came to us in 2017 he was thought to be 10-12 years old. He is an Orange-winged Amazon Parrot. These parrots are native to South America, but have colonies in places like London, England, where they were accidentally introduced. Orange-winged Amazons eats fruits, nuts and seeds, and can live well into their 30’s. They are not an endangered animal, but are un-popular in their native environment as they are considered to be an agricultural pest. They are excellent mimics, and are considered to be a fairly noisy parrot type.

Though many rescue stories are tragic, that is not the case with “Scally”. Scally belonged to a couple for over 10 years, and was loved and cared for. His “mom” was a nurse who decided that being a traveling nurse offered opportunities she couldn’t pass up. His “dad” was retired and wanted to have the freedom to stay with his wife rather than having a permanent home location. As they made preparations for their life changes, they realized that they would no longer be able to provide Scally with a stable home. Scally is currently working on his vocabulary and learning to free-fly. Look out for videos of both coming soon!

Fun Facts About Orange-Winged Amazon Parrots


Amazon Parrots weigh 10.4 to 16.5 oz

Lighter than a bag of flour.

Height or Length

Parrots are 12" Tall

Shorter than a riding boot.


Orange-winged Amazon Parrots are green, yellow, orange & blue.

Blends in with tropical leaves and flowers.

Interesting Facts

Parrots love to interact, they are smart, curious & full of personality!

Parrots love to take baths.