Ambassador Amazon Parrot

Captain Scallywag

Captain Scallywag When Captain Scallywag came to us in 2017 he was thought to be 10-12 years old. He is an Orange-winged Amazon Parrot. These parrots are native to South America, but have colonies in places like London, England, where they were accidentally introduced. Orange-winged Amazons eats fruits, nuts and…

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Chinchilla on Watering Can

Apu and Inti

Apu and Inti are chinchillas. They got their names from the native language of their natural habitat. Chinchillas are native to the Andes Mountain region of South America. Originally the chinchilla’s native range spread across the hills, mountains, and coastal regions of Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. Chinchillas are now…

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Nagini is a “fancy” corn snake. This means that he was bred in captivity to have unique color and pattern. Corn snakes are harmless, and play a vital role in our local ecosystem! In the wild, the color of their body depends on the habitat in which they live (it…

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Ambassador Smaug the Bearded Dragon


Smaug is a Bearded Dragon. Bearded dragons get their name because of the area under their chin. When the dragon feels threatened, they bulge this area out, and it turns black to intimidate the threat. They are native to Australia, and enjoy sunbathing on rocks. As pets, this reptile is…

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Rowan the Wolf Dog


Rowan is a high-content wolf dog. This means he is mostly wolf, with some dog mixed in. At one time Gray wolves were found across most of North America. Sadly, they are now extinct or highly endangered in most of the U.S.. Grey wolves live in families called packs. Packs…

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Ambassador Kismit is our African Pigmy Hedgehog


Kismet is an African Pygmy hedgehog, also called a four-toed hedgehog. In the wild these little animals eat a diet of mostly insects. They are nocturnal and solitary. This type of hedgehog is native to Africa, however there are related species in Europe as well. In Britain they are called…

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Bali and Sulawesi

Bali and Sulawesi are Tokay Geckos. These charming little lizards can be found in Asia and some of the Pacific Islands. They get their names from two of the Indonesian islands they call home. Tokays have amazing qualities. They can bark to defend their territory or call to a mate,…

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Prince and Sydney are White Tree Frogs

Prince and Sydney

Prince and Sydney are White’s Tree frogs, they are native to Australia and New Guinea. In the wild, these frogs eat mostly spiders, grasshoppers and other insects, but will also eat other types of frogs. They can live up to 20 years in captivity. They are nocturnal, and like to…

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Red Tail Boa Named Simbi


Simbi is a red-tailed boa constrictor. This lovely lady is 7’ long and may not be done growing yet! Red-tailed boas are from Columbia. Snakes and other reptiles lack the ability to thermoregulate (control their body temperature) the way mammals can, so maintaining their ambient temperature is important. Snakes shed…

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Arctic Fox Named Griffin

Griffin & Ygritte

Meet Griffin & Ygritte, our arctic foxes, we are so happy to have them as a part of our Enchanting Animals family! Arctic foxes are beautiful animals, in the winter their coat is white to blend in with the snow, and in summer it is grey. They live throughout the…

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